Moving the Nation: getting more people on bikes

The Bicycle Association is a member of, and fully supports, the Cycling and Walking Alliance. The BAGB believes that the Cycling and Walking Alliance’s “Moving the Nation” agenda is the best way to get significantly more people of all ages to choose bikes for their transport. When more people cycle, there is a proven ‘safety in numbers’ effect. Positive feedback also kick in as more people ride: the more cycling is seen as a cultural norm, the easier it is to further enable mass participation through development of quality cycling infrastructure, and the safer it is for everyone.

Everybody should be able to live, work and play in places that are healthy, vibrant and that make walking and cycling the natural choice for short journeys – now and for future generations.

The policy changes outlined below are the first steps that could be taken. Together they would begin the transformation of our roads and streets and trigger wider societal change. These measures would trigger the process of normalising and diversifying cycling, so that all ages, abilities and inclinations can participate easily and safely.

Speed: Lower speed limits to 20mph for most urban roads and 40mph for minor rural roads to make our roads and streets safer for everyone.

Space: Adopt and ensure consistent application of existing ‘best-in-class’ infrastructure design standards to create safe, attractive and inviting places for people of all ages and abilities.

Safety: Revise the Highway Code to improve safety for people walking and cycling, particularly at junctions.

Priority: Prohibit pavement parking to create safer and more accessible streets.

Culture: Provide cycle training for all children during their primary and secondary school years and embed a culture of walking and cycling throughout the school curriculum.